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Striking bracelets are one of the many ways to spruce up your ensemble. The swinging of your arms, occasional gesture and frequent use of your hands ensure that the necessary attention is drawn to your arm candy.

Accessories give undeniable life to the most basic of outfits. The different types of accessories and how they are worn also create an impact or pull the eyes to preferred areas. Bracelets are believed to originate from Egypt. Egyptians are well known to be the first proponents of civilization and adept at accessorizing. Think Cleopatra…

To make a greater statement with bracelets now, you need to stack up. Single bracelets do not pull their weight anymore as much as multiple bracelets that complement themselves. It shows individuality, artfulness and most of all, exudes your fashion forward sense.

For the subtle comer, two or three similar single bracelets are safe and will be seen as an affirmation of style. For the bold enthusiast however, the more the merrier. The key is to tastefully pick pieces that complement each other and have some similarity in texture, size or colour. There are really no rules. If you would rather wear totally varying pieces just because, go ahead, rock em. Have fun with your jewellery!

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