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CORAL JEWELLERY: Uses, care and repair

CORAL JEWELLERY: Uses, care and repair

Coral Jewellery is an agelong ornament which still trends till today. Especially among the African people, a piece of coral jewellery is definitely a highly precious treasure passed down from generation to generation.

Coral jewellery uses range from daily to occasional, culturally used ornaments for special and memorable events such as weddings, coronations etc, especially among the African people.

There certainly are some ‘do it yourself ‘ techniques to cleaning and polishing your coral such as; cleaning with soft, clean cloth dampened in light concentrated soapy water, rinse and air dry afterwards…etc. This however is not advised as a frequent practice. The best and safest way to care for your coral notwithstanding, is to turn to expert cleaning, polishing and restringing services to avoid damages to the precious gem

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